Open Government in Europe

Open Government, Smart Cities and Active Citizenship

The EU Open Government in Europe (2013-2015) project yielded more than 60 appealing examples of open government and active citizenship and four e-guides on methodologies and instruments. The Best Practices of the 13 participants are exceptional in design and development. All of Europe should be able to take note of these examples. This knowledge can be found, as with any other EU project, in the public EST database, referred to as European Shared Treasures. This way valuable insights will not be lost at least.

Of course, storing information by itself is not enough, especially not when it comes to “active citizenship”. It must also be used. We created the Estonian School for this purpose.

Estonia as guide on open government

For the last 15 years Estonia has been working on an inclusive digital society for every Estonian citizen and company. Ownership of personal digital information has been placed with the individual citizen, not with the authorities or companies. It requires strict privacy regulations and encryption options to safe guard own’s online information. The course and applications of Estonia, such as e-Residency and e-Estonia, are a source of inspiration for the Estonian School.