Liabilities and active citizenship

Liabilities and risks of citizen’s initiatives

Residents get involved with citizens’ initiatives, but what about safety and risks? Who takes care of claims when things do go wrong? Municipalities and other (social) organizations are struggling with the balance between allowing for these initiatives or not, based on issues of liability and risks. Is your employee ready to deal with these issues?

Introduction course

Estonian School offers a special one-day training course, aimed at knowledge exchange around processes and legal issues such as risks and liability in civil initiatives. During the training, a practical situation of the participants is also discussed. The guideline of the training is that it is really made easier for citizens.

Publication “Regel die burgerinitiatieven” (Dutch only)

The publication “Regel die Burgerinitiatieven” (Dutch only) is available. Costs are Euro 25 without taxes and shipping costs.

Further information

Further information on the introduction course or the publication, please contact by email: or by phone: +31 652653005.